Louis Jones

Louis Jones

Bio: Developer, Project Manager, Student at University of Huddersfield, School of Computing and Engineering.

  • First year studying Bsc Computing Science.
  • Freelancer working for Charlesworth Commercial Properties Ltd. in 2nd half 2017
  • Web Developer at NPE Maintenance Ltd. since 02/2018, building a Property Management Dashboard
  • Experience in:
    • Git
    • Node.js
    • PHP
    • VB.NET (stop laughing)
    • SQL

Twitter: @The_Jonsey306

GitHub: The-Jonsey

KeyBase: the_jonsey

N3FSN3FS: n3fs.co.uk

Steam: j306



Written in: Node.JS, MySQL

A MySQL connector library, used for manipulating large amount of data.


Written in: HTML5, JS, PHP, Bash, MySQL

A Linux Dashboard, which logs and graphs CPU, RAM and partition usage, with a user and group system


Written in: Python3

A library which can convert between Hexadecimal, Binary, Decimal and ASCII, and stores the last output so it can be converted again


Written in: VB.net

A drag and drop/context menu app which hosts a file on an internal network webserver, and generates a QR code, so the file can be downloaded by any device which scans the code

Biggest Rectangle

Written in: C#

My own take on the algorithm that finds the biggest rectangle in a 2D array, the app randomly generates the array, and then finds the biggest 3 rectangles