Louis Jones

Louis Jones




Bio: Developer, Project Manager, Student at University of Huddersfield, School of Computing and Engineering.

  • Second year studying Bsc Computing Science.
  • Achieved and A in First Year with modules including:
    • 82% - A in Hardware & Networks (A module on how hardware works and network design
    • 74% - A in Studio 1 (A Linux and Android based module)
    • 72% - A in Project 1 (A Team project module)
    • 66% - B in Software Design and Development (A Software modelling and development module)
    • 64% - B in Computer Science and Maths (A Computing theory module)
  • Modules in Second Year:
    • Computational Mathematics - A Pure Maths module
    • Cyber Security - A module about how to secure IT Systems
    • Relational Databases and Web Integration - A module about modelling and designing Enterprise RESTful API's
    • Operating Systems and Language Translators - A module on how Operating Systems and Language Translators work
    • Algorithms Processes and Data - A module on how to write efficient and clean code
    • Team Project - A larger scale version of the Project module from First Year
  • Freelancer working for Charlesworth Commercial Properties Ltd. in 2nd half 2017
  • Web Developer at NPE Maintenance Ltd. since 02/2018, building a Property Management Dashboard
  • Experience in:
    • HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript6
    • Git
    • Node.js
    • PHP
    • VB.NET (stop laughing)
    • MySQL
    • Java
    • Python